February 23, 2024
Dr Sir Warrior

Dr. Sir Warrior and His Biography

Dr. Sir Warrior is someone you cannot talk about the Igbo Highlife without his name. Growing up in the village, “ụwa chịa chịa” blared through the speakers on every occasion. His songs were everywhere.

He was originally known as Christogonus Ezebuiro Obinna. He was born in 1947, in Mbaise, present-day Imo Stare.

Dr. Sir Warrior is a great and popular name till the day when you talk about Igbo Highlife. He’s one of the greatest of them all, ever lived.

He joined Oriental Brothers International in the 70s and led the band. Nobody can talk about the Igbo Highlife without the Oriental Brothers International Band. It was Ferdinand Dansatch Emeka Opara who originally founded the Oriental Brothers. Although at some point, there was a fraction of the band. But this article is limited to discussing that in full detail.

Now, let’s continue our discourse. Dr. Sir Warrior performed massively in Nigeria and rose to fame. His fame cut across and beyond Africa as he performed internationally in London, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, etc.

Dr. Sir Warrior and His Musical Career

As aforementioned, Dr. Sir Warrior rose to fame in the 70s and led the Oriental Brothers. The group divided at some point and Prince Ichita & the Great Oriental Brothers International Band became a group, Oriental Brothers International by Dansatch Opara was there, and then Dr. Sir Warrior founded his band known as Dr. Sir Warrior & His Oriental Brothers International. In simple terms, the band was called The Oriental Original.

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Dr. Sir Warrior rose to release many albums and hit back-to-back. He received so many recognitions because of his artistic performance.

Anytime his song plays, one must nod, dance, and make some steps to the rhythmic patterns of the song. His music has life.

Personal Life of Dr Sir Warrior

Dr. Sir Warrior married his beautiful sweetheart and had 5 children. He was a great husband and father who had the interest of his family at heart.


What happened to Dr. Sir Warrior? What happened on June 2, 1999?

The mighty iroko tree had fallen and the birds perched on it. Dr. Sir Warrior died after a brief illness. Yes, he is dead but his legacy lives.

This legacy was what Oliver De Coque captured while paying tribute to the late Dr. Sir Warrior. Oliver said and I quote:

“He was a very good and amiable person. We have lost such a genius in highlife.

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These are songs by Dr. Sir. Warrior. Some songs and not all.

  • Akaraka
  • Na kwa echeki
  • Madu Mezie Nduya
  • Chi awu otu
  • Gị nyem ugwum
  • Onye ma mmadụ ji egbu ya
  • Iheoma agighi agba oso
  • Ihe Onyeché
  • Ụwa safe
  • Uwa chia chia
  • Ihe chinyere
  • Ndoma ike
  • Ọzọ wụ iwem
  • Nwa enwe nne
  • Onye ọbụla zoba isi onwe ya
  • Nke onye dịrị ya
  • Omemma special
  • Onye egbula nwanne ya
  • Ugo Chinyerem
  • Otu nwa
  • Lekwa num, etc.
I nye m ugwu m

Dr. Sir Warrior was one of the greatest gifts God blessed the Igbo with. He was a great man.

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