Thompson Oranu

Thompson Oranu was the most populous Igbo love musical singer in the 90s. The love and joyous melodies emanating from his songs strengthened the love and affection of the young Igbos back in the day.

Young lovers couldn’t stop playing the songs of Thompson Oranu. One of his most populous tracks “Keep on in Loving Me” became a hit. There is another track “Naanị gị bụ onye m nwere”

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Thompson Oranu hails from Nnobi, Anambra State in the southeastern part of Nigeria. He has long quit music, but his works speak volumes of him. He was and has been out of media coverage and maintains a very low profile.

The following is the list of Thompson Oranu’s Songs:

  1. Keep on Loving me
  2. Mebisiam
  3. Ihe anyi na-mere onwe anyi
  4. Echezona
  5. Bye Bye My Love
  6. Sugar in My Tea
  7. Adamma Ji Itu Shape Aga
  8. Isi aba okpu
  9. Jealousy
  10. Promise
  11. Adanma Ribe Ife
  12. Mmadu ka a na-aya
  13. Chichi
  14. Nyem Obi gi
  15. Inemem Obi Oma
  16. Jesus bu odeshi
  17. Metum aru
  18. I want your promise fulfilled
  19. Shalom
  20. Achorokwam emesia gi gbanaga
  21. Gini bu uche gi
  22. Onye nke m
  23. Sing my Sweet Song
  24. Mata na i bu nke m
  25. Tum tum maraga
  26. Oh Darly Nwa mhuru n’anya
  27. Agbogho ukwu na ilo
  28. Baby is Okay, etc.

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