February 23, 2024
Oliver De Coque


Oliver De Coque is a big name. No African could say he or she does not know Oliver De Coque. The Musical Maestro and King of Highlife. Oliver made my childhood memorable. Most of the proverbs I know today were inspired by his songs. From the beginning of his song to the end is full of figurative expressions.

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He was born Oliver Sunday Akanite on 14 April 1947 – 20 June 2008). His stage name of which he was known all over the world was Oliver De Coque. He was a guitarist and the most prolific African recording artist of his time with more than 93 albums to his credit.

Early Life and Career of Oliver De Coque

Oliver De Coque was born in Ezinifite, Nnewi South, Anambra State Nigeria, in 1947. His both parents were Igbo and of course, the lineage of gifted traditional musicians. At the age of 11, young Oliver began to play music and would later be taught how to play guitar by a Congolese guitarist living in Nigeria who was by named Piccolo. age of 11 and was taught to play the guitar by a Congolese guitarist living in Nigeria. Oliver De Coque played with Sunny Agaga and Jacob Oluwale of juju music.

In 1977 Oliver De Coque released his debut Messiah Messiah. His musical genre was ogene, blending the modern style of music with the traditional Igbo.

The way Oliver De Coque used proverbs and other figurative expressions in his songs was magical. His song “People’s Club of Nigeria” was a hit. All his songs are great.

On 20 June 2008, Oliver De Coque breathed his last and died. Although he is dead his music is still alive.

The following is the list of Oliver De Coque’s songs, some of them, not all.

  1. People’s Club
  2. Nwanne Di na Mba
  3. Appreciation
  4. Father Father
  5. Oliver De Coque in America
  6. Chi Kelu Uwa Cho Ya mma
  7. Identity
  8. Mbulubia uwa
  9. Deserves Praise
  10. Opportunity
  11. Nke na-akpa one
  12. Uwa Cholu Umeala
  13. Nnata
  14. Uwa bu Aja
  15. Let’s Pray to God
  16. Akuchinyere
  17. I salute Africa
  18. Engirigbo
  19. All fingers Are Not Equal
  20. Eto Dike Na Nke O mere
  21. Kanayo Olisa
  22. Tolerance

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