Water spirit

About ndị mmiri (Marine/Water spirit) and the noise of ndị Ezenwaanyị Mmiri everywhere on Facebook, this needs to be known. Please, this article is long. You need patience to read and internalize everything.

First, let me admit that the world is deep and mystical. There are things science/religion cannot explain. There are powers in the world. As a Christian, and one with a staunch Biblical upbringing, there are things I don’t believe. But at the same time, they exist. I only don’t want to believe and that doesn’t invalidate the existence. You choose to believe what you want to believe.

As an African man, researcher, and Igbo scholar, they truly exist. The issue of reincarnation and other things. I don’t believe in them as a Christian, but as an Igbo, African, I don’t doubt their existence. I have seen something that made me not doubt some things.

In 1998, a set of twin were delivered by my neighbor, in the village. A boy and a girl. The hospital was called Udoka Maternity Home, Amaechii Ọkpọsị. But, the girl came out like someone who passed through the fire. All of her body looked burnt. Nothing happened to the boy, but the girl. The girl is now 24 years old with a burnt body. Like I said, she’s my neighbor. Everyone in the village knows her story.

She is innocent. Not possessed. Very intelligent and witty. Her peers bullied her. She has faced bully and ostracization till now. But she’s innocent and hardworking. Fine girl but head to toe looks burnt.

When she was birthed, her father shook his head and screamed:

“She is back.”

The man’s mother used to be born and the child would die. The last one that died, she burnt the dead body with the intention of not returning. This happened in the 60s.

This man, who is the son of that woman that burnt her dead girl child was already old when he married a second wife. That means, his mother died in the 60s or so. His last wife, whom he married while already aged gave birth to twins— her last pregnancy after birthing about 6 kids. The 7th is twin, one came out like what passed through the fire. She’s alive now. They said she reincarnated the burnt child.

Now, let me come to the main topic, which is the marine/water spirit. Whether we believe it or not, it exists. It’s part of our existence. We only struggle not to believe because of the Christian faith brought to us but that doesn’t invalidate anything. We had our worldview before Christianity and no matter what, ọdịnanị can never be completely erased by foreign religious beliefs. Something was already existing before missionaries came.

Some parents visit water bodies and make promises that if given a child or so, someone from their lineage must serve them —the water spirit. It may not come through their direct children but through another generation. That spirit will keep dwelling in that family, picking anyone who will recognize it from one generation to another.

No, they don’t create. Only God creates. But they can possess a child. Even in the Bible, we learn how Jesus cast e*vîl spirits. You read the story of spirit possessing a man which left him and entered pigs, as they drowned in the water. We read from the Bible, how Paul and Silas delivered a girl and sorcerer, from the spirit that manifested in her— the girl whose master used to make money. They were jailed.

That means that even the Bible admits all these powers. So, as Christians, doubting if certain things exist or not is ignoring the reality of life which in several cases, the Bible admits that Satan and demons still have their powers. Of course, the Igbo worldview is different. Two forces exist: either you have chi ọma or chi ọjọọ. There is no Satan in the Igbo worldview.

Let me not digress…

Now, I want to discuss this topic not as my conviction, not with a Biblical view or Christian view but with Igbo mythology and my research in Igbo spirituality. I have interviewed numerous genuine Igbo spiritualists who specialize in this thing. They were able to tell me the truth.

Some parents made promises to these water spirits, it manifest in their offspring, that’s why we have cases of ọgbanje, especially those with water connection. Not all with water connection are ọgbanje. Those who claim they are ọgbanje on Facebook to scam people are crîminals. The real ọgbanje don’t even boast about it make noise about it or tell the world they are ọgbanje. Only crîmînals with crîmînal intents do.

Let me not digress…

When they sleep, they have nightmares, and they see themselves in another world. They dream different things. Hello, not everybody. Not every fine girl has a connection with water. Not only the female gender has a water link. Male gender too. Whether beautiful or u*gly, once your forebears or the one you reincarnated for had a connection with the water and it falls on you, that’s only when one can be said to have a link from the water.

For some, nothing works for them. They have difficulties which is likely because, they have failed to identify with those people their parents or grandparents promised they would serve, and disobey instructions. Some, cannot marry, or else the man will die. Some, any man coming to them will have issues; some, any man coming to them will be successful. Some will never remain married. They will jump out, with no stable relationship or marriage. There are many things, depending on the level of the water elements involved and promises made or the person they reincarnated and the person’s stubbornness.

These people know themselves. Some have opened up to me when I published on ọgbanje two years ago. Ọgbanje is not just only female gender. Male gender too. It doesn’t also mean that everyone with a water spirit is an ọgbanje. No. In Igbo, they say: “ebe mmadụ si bịa ụwa.” Some si mmiri bịa ụwa.

Oliver De Coque sang: “egwu mụ si na mmiri…” (My music comes from the water?

Chief Stephen Osita Ọsadebe sang: “Òrìmìlì ka m si aga, mmụọ mmiri ziri m egwu.” (I go through the river. The water spirit taught me music.”)

This is not just a song but a deep message. Only a deep understanding of the deeper things of life.

There are works, some of them are expected to do. Not ev*il. They are special. Some are given different gifts. They are tormented when they fail to use their power to work or do what they are asked to do or when they do it negatively. Some are to make people happy, heal, pray for those in trouble, advise, and fail to perform these amounts to toiling for nothing.

Aside from parents making promises. The belief in reincarnation is manifest in that the person one reincarnated for had an incomplete task or if connected with the water spirit before death, the person who reincarnated him or her will come out with the same spirit. Some come out with some marks. That mark is called “ebumpụta ụwa.” Some elders would see you and smile because they know who has the mark in the past in your lineage. Self-aware parents know too.

Let me say it…these people are innocent. They didn’t sign anything with any marine spirit. Their forebears did and it manifested in them. They were born into this. They see things. Some can even see death before it happens but no power to avert it. Some, if you make them angry, you will suffer. No, the spirit guiding them is at work. The spirit is fighting you. Some know the exact herb that will cure you.

Some of these people want to break free from all this, they don’t want to associate with them, they don’t want to be seeing things in dreams, they want to be living normally like others. They don’t want to have anything to do with the water spirits which they signed no agreement with. Their forebears did and who they reincarnated for in the past life, according to Igbo mythology, this is why they keep looking for help. In the process, they get scammed because those they meet don’t even understand anything or know anything.

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These groups of people are scámmers who dwell in people’s ignorance to scám them using all this ndị more talk. They ask you to pay them a consultation fee. They also ask you to pay them 150k, 180k, etc for them to do spiritual work for you so that you settle your Ndi mmiri, after which you will do aja okporoụzọ, aja nsureọkụ and co. You will perform a new month’s ritual by paying them. Bunch of hustlers and heartless crîmînals.

They make people believe that everyone has a water connection and it’s e*vil, that’s why things don’t work for you, no marriage, no child, no stable relationship, no job, no money is being gifted to you by anyone. You have to give them money for afa, consultation, and spiritual work to settle your ndi mmiri so that you will be free They start scamming people. Telling you that the reason a man doesn’t dash you money is because of ndị mmiri. The reason you will not marry, have children, or amount to anything in life is because of ndị mmiri. You must pay them. After paying, send your name, photo, and village you are from to WhatsApp.

My dear, you have just been scammed. If they claim they have the power, why not know those things spiritually before asking? This group of dibịas has no power to deliver you. They are fake. That is why you keep spending money from one place to another, with no solution. They keep scamming you. You keep making monthly payments in the name of ritual to appease your ndị mmiri. That money, goat and fowl, these crîmînals eat them not any ndị mmiri. Your water element doesn’t demand those things. They aren’t interested, just the recognition they want.

Ndị Ezenwaanyị mmiri Facebook is noisemakers and hustlers who have seen that many pastors are hustlers failed some, and they want to leverage such opportunity to milk people. It’s appalling because they claim they are going back to the root. This is never Igbo culture. They are crîminals who use threat and fear to hoodwink the gullible. They always threaten people because they know they are empty.

A true Igbo spiritualist with the natural power and gift of healing stands with the truth and not money. The first thing to do is to know the problem, and if it’s something they can solve. They will gbaa afa. If they cannot do it, they refer you to another person who can. Remember, they will not start telling you immediately to give them so so amount when they don’t know the real issue. There is no fixed price for ịgba afa.

A dibịa will tell you what to use for the spiritual work. If you cannot get them, they will tell you the money equivalent which they will use to get them. When you are satisfied with their work, you can now do something in appreciation. Remember, you are not mandated but it’s expected. The Igbo say: “ihe dibịa gwọrọ dị ire ọ gwọọ ọzọ.”

These Facebook dibịa ndị mmiri are scammers. Anyone who goes to them must surely hear that they are from mmiri. You have not told them the problem, they are already calling hundreds of thousands of naịra to settle your Ndị mmiri. To them, it’s business, money to buga, and never to solve your problem. Once they are done scamming you, they come online, and do Live videos to issue threats, so that nobody will drag and expose their ekperimaciousness. Ndị ohi.


Have you asked yourself why despite all the money you’ve spent and paid Ndi mmiri facebook, you are still where you are? It’s because they have scammed you as you fail to realize yourself. You need self-awareness. There are some gifts your chi has given you, you have issues because you have failed to discover who you are.

Ask yourself what those guys want you to do when they come to your dream. Some told them to heal the sick via herbs and pray for the sick to heal. They are not telling you to wear white and white and live inside the water, forming Ezenwaanyị mmiri with ọkụkọ ọcha and goat. You can study nursing or medicine— the idea is healing, it doesn’t matter how you heal, the method, just heal. In Igbo, this is called ọnatarachi— destiny. If you leave it to do other things, you will face difficulties.

The real people with this connection, or calling of healing don’t make noise about it. They are even running away from their responsibility. But you see all this ndị aja okporoụzọ, they are not having any calls. Nobody called them. They are dropshipping ndị mmiri. They collect your money, run to all these local dibịas, give them small money for abracadabra, and pocket huge chunks, then run off to Facebook to threaten people. You are scared to say that they are fake because you don’t want to offend Ezenwaanyị mmiri and die. They are crîminals my dear and they know it.

Real people with such gifts don’t need to make noise or hustle, what gave them the work will channel people to them. It works like a magnet that’s why powerful spiritual men in Igbo land were visited in the olden days when there was no internet by people from other African countries.

Now, having known that you are innocent. Your forebears and who you reincarnated have done what they did. Running around from dibịa to dibịa, church to church, prayer house to prayer house, Facebook ndị mmiri to TikTok ndị mmiri, you are wasting money and automatically getting them angry. They will frustrate you.

You know yourself. Nobody with this spirit who doesn’t know. They do. Not every Igbo has it, some and they know themselves. Ask yourself what they want you to do. That thing you are running away from doing is the reason.

But first, they just want that recognition. They want you to just recognize them. Instead of recognition, some want to run away, and they get angry. Remember, it’s that way since birth, so, it hardly can go away. Even some ọgbanje will be free when iyi ụwa is dug out. But not everyone with a mmiri connection is ọgbanje.

First, know where you reincarnate from. Your mother’s side or father’s side, who? Since you already know you have the water spirit, which water exactly in your village.

Stop giving goats and chickens to all this ekperimacious ndị Ezenwaanyị mmiri and dibịa, they are the ones eating the goat and chickens and not any ndị mmiri thing.

Your power is bigger than theirs as they have none. It’s ignorance that makes you give them your hard-earned money to do something they cannot do.

According to the spiritualists who specialize in this matter, this is what they told me:

“Understanding spirituality and water spirits termed as marine settlement. A lot of people come from water and most times they dream of Rivers and being tormented in their dreams.
This is why you don’t need to spend so much on Water settlement.”

“The answer is acknowledgment and acceptance, stop praying against what you didn’t create or know the origin, most of our forefathers and ancestors worshipped and made promises to these Spirits.”

“You can’t fight what you didn’t create.
They don’t need any goat from you, all they need is acknowledgment and acceptance.
Sometimes they want to bring you blessings and protect you, when you reject them you begin to face difficulties and attack.”

“Find out where you came from: it’s either your father’s side or mother’s side, ask yourself where you feel connected to, via your Paternal/maternal Grandmother/father.”

“Second question: is there a river there?”

“If yes, find out the name of the river, go there with kola nut and native egg, use the kola to call and acknowledge them, throw it in the river, then use the egg and cleanse yourself from any bad aura.”

“Do your prayers, fetch water from there and sand, come back with it, and pray anytime you need Favour.”

“Watch how everything will change. It is something you do yourself not any human in the name of Ezenwanyi or Dibia.”

“Stop allowing people to take advantage of your gullibility and ignorance.”

I consulted a lot of Igbo spiritualists in the course of my research. Last year, as a research consultant, I was commissioned to get information on all the major Igbo deities for a documentary film. Traveling and touring the Igbo land, consulting elders around Igbo land, growing on the feet of my grandmother who lived over 124 years, being mentored by traditionalists/elders, and studying the culture, tradition, and spirituality of the Igbo, I can categorically tell you that the world is deep and secondly, scammers are now using fake culture to scam the gullible. Don’t fall victim again. They are doing jazz and not Igbo culture.

What these crîmînals do on Facebook has nothing to do with Igbo culture. They are hustlers. Having a water spirit doesn’t mean your own is gone. It is not as bad as what they paint it if you truly know all these things.

Another version of this is those who have the gift of seeing things, the gift of dibịa, using herbs to heal. It’s hereditary or a promise their ancestors made that their children children will take after them. When it falls on you, you will be disturbed to do it. Running away from it will frustrate you. Some who know they have these gifts modernized them by opening something like churches, or prayer houses; some package herbs in a modernized form to make it conform to modernity, time, and season. Some go through missionary but still use those healing gifts.

If you decide to continue giving Facebook crîmînals money for aja nsureọkụ, aja okporoụzọ to settle ndị mmiri and you have to pay hundreds of thousands, just know you have been ponied, it doesn’t matter who is involved. You are on your own.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

This is what I owe you on this— the truth of liberation. This crîmînal Facebook ndị mmiri should go get work and stop scamming people because they are ignorant of the truth regarding the Igbo worldview.

Small thing, they put cowries on their hair and start forming Ezenwaanyị na Ezenwoke who chase ndị mmiri away when 30k consultation is paid, 150k ọrụ mmiri, ndị ohi. Ekperima ọjọọ them.

If, after reading this exposé, you choose to continue patronizing them, it means you are created for stüpidity, and you will remain their forever cash cow.

Your Mumu dons do end everything this 2022.

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